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 Community Wiki Submission format

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PostSubject: Community Wiki Submission format   Community Wiki Submission format Icon_minitimeTue Apr 01, 2014 11:51 am

As part of the wiki expansion project, we are going to ask that those who have Communities on the server submit their community for an official page on the PostnukeRP enhanced Wiki. Now keep in mind there are some guidelines to follow, since the wiki is meant to be 100% lore friendly, you're going to have to have a community that role plays slightly.


  • A community with three or more people.
  • A suitable logo for your community with a transparent background. (I'll make one for you for 5-10$)
  • An RP/Lore friendly description of your community, including the origin and goal of your community.
  • Your community must be older than a month.
  • You must be rank 3 on your community to submit it.

Here's the format you'll follow

Your Community Name*:
Your RP Name*:
Your SteamID*:
Picture of your logo*:
Color of your community:
Date your community was founded*:
Members in your community*:
General wealth of your community (Wealthy, average, poor):
General influence you think you have:
Sum up the goal of your community*:

General Description of your community*:

Origin Story of your community:

Other notes/thoughts about your community you want me to include on the page:

And that's about it, fields marked with a "*" are required for admission and coloring your post is not allowed.
Submit your community as another topic on this forum with the name "-Community name- Wiki Submission"
Current communities: https://sites.google.com/site/frostburntwiki/communities
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Community Wiki Submission format
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