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 Anonymous donations?

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PostSubject: Anonymous donations?   Anonymous donations? Icon_minitimeMon Jul 22, 2013 1:41 pm

Okay, so I've been getting a few donations recently and I greatly appreciate that from the community. This is why we have made Donation benefits and ranks. However, Paypal isn't really magical. I can't really make a system where donating on Paypal automatically detects who you are and gives you the in-server benefits.

Basically what I'm saying is a few people have donated and I have no idea who they are. They have not provided their steam ID, Steam name or even the in-server name and they cannot be given their donation benefits I apologize for this, but I'm not omnipotent. Anyways, if you have donated and you are awaiting the benefits, tell an admin or respond in this forum. I'll be checking here often as well.

Again, we apologize to the people who have not been giving their Donator benefits, but it's not really our fault. You need to give us your information, and you need to let us know if possible when your online. (You need to be online for the temporary adduser system to work and to receive your resources.)

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Anonymous donations?
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