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 New Teamspeak Access System

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PostSubject: New Teamspeak Access System   New Teamspeak Access System Icon_minitimeFri Feb 13, 2015 11:53 am

So there has been a lot of concern involving the access system of the Teamspeak server, and understandably so as it was terribly inefficient and less that flexible. Anyways, I've worked with Aesop (He did most of the work honestly) to set up a new system that is much more flexible on a channel by channel basis. The core concept is that you will be able to give people a channel group for your channels called "Channel Key" and with this key, they'll be able to join your channel no matter what their join power is. This means channels can enjoy an acceptable degree of privacy while still being convenient for people who like hanging out with eachother. You may have to make some edits to your channel though, namely it's join permission. The join permissions are a bit confusing, but here's the general table.

  • -1 --------------------------------------- Public.
  • 0 ---------------------------------------- For Passworded Channels - People with the key can leave the password blank.
  • 1 - 5 ------------------------------------ Joinable by people with skeleton or channel key.
  • 6-10 ------------------------------------ Joinable by channel key only.
  • above 10 ------------------------------- Joinable only by channel admin. (mostly unused)

And just to be clear, if you want to have a password on your channels still, that will work. Just keep in mind that if you give someone the channel key, they can leave the password field blank.

If you own a channel on the teamspeak, make sure to contact an administrator in order to set up your teamspeak channel. If the staff member does not know how the system works, send this thread to them.
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New Teamspeak Access System
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