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PostSubject: Blaze.   Fri Jul 01, 2016 8:51 pm

This is the second part of my story, if you haven't read the first part, here it is: http://www.frostburnt.com/t2257-warmth?highlight=Warmth

The dust slowly ripped and tore into my flesh, which set light to the tiny blots of blood that formed over the entirety of my body. I stared into what once were blue skies filled with white dancing cotton balls, and now saw what this world had turned into. Hell. The skies were dead, like the land that once held grass and children frolicking through it. Green, no clouds, no signs of life.
The first familiar thing I heard, was the hellish growl of a mongrel, something I even had to face in Sweden pre-war. As I turned, I was not only greeted by one aggressive hell-hound, but by four. A thin layer of blood and body fluids caked the mouths of the dogs, and extended even past their heads and into their warped bodies. One dragged along an underdeveloped leg, while the other depended on a single eye with a demonic iris to see. It was apparent these were the results of radiation on the DNA. I had no time to think about what these dogs could’ve been before the war. I quickly fired a round into the flesh of the one-eyed dog, hitting it in the neck. The sound of flesh tearing and a hellish yelp almost equal to that of the mythical banshee’s sent the other two hounds running my way, and I had little time to think about what I had just set off. The slowest hound was easy to pick off as it limped towards me, a hot nine millimeter round into it’s grey matter quickly sent it to the ground, which sent its’ displeasure by caking the body in freshly grounded dust, like a mummy. The last hound however, seemed to be in as perfect condition as a radiated animal could be, most likely thriving off of the mutations it may have received. It quickly took my arm with its’ teeth as sharp as a scalpel, and tore through my wrist.

In a fit of panic, I managed to kick the dog away, a small yelp lept out from its’ mouth, but it soon returned its’ charge. As it attempted to pounce on me, I met it’s face with a swift right hook from my good arm, and with a crack akin to a collapsing building, the dog soon met the same face as the other. I stared at my wound for a few seconds, and then began gripping it as the adrenaline went away and the pain receptors continued their horrible job. I let out a shriek, realizing all of the possibilities of infection and bleeding out, right here on the cold, dead, ground. I tore a piece of my sleeve off, and quickly held pressure on the wound, fastening it with a square knot and praying that it wouldn’t get infected.

I continued on, at an urgency that would make it appear as if I had somewhere to be. The Conglomerate had to be doing a sweep of the surrounding area of the bunker, and I would be easy pickings if so. As if that thought had pinged my location, a sound much like a pre-war mortar shot into my ears like a bat out of hell, and a pod landed around 50 yards ahead of me. I needed to run, and I needed to run fast. The dust picked up to my convenience, and as the hellish soldiers leaped from their pod, they quickly assumed some sort of marching formation. I could do nothing but lay prone on the ground and hope that they didn’t head into my direction. I was the dog with three legs now. Helpless with no chance in the world. Outgunned. The orange visors stared at my direction. I ignored the fact that they had thermal imaging, and I would pay for that ignorance. They began yelling some mixture of languages at me, as if I . This was it, I would meet the same fate that I was supposed to be protected from in that bunker.
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PostSubject: Re: Blaze.   Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:39 pm

eyyyyyy thats pretty gud. But besides that, do you take in game resources to write peoples essays for them? plz senpai lel. In all seriousness, great job, im not really sure how to explain how its so great besides the fluency of the sentences and descriptions but, all i know is that i want to see more this!

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PostSubject: Re: Blaze.   Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:49 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Blaze.   

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