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 New Forum Rules

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Mike Nespo
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PostSubject: New Forum Rules   New Forum Rules Icon_minitimeWed Oct 04, 2017 9:50 am

These are the new forums rules that are now being put into affect on the forums. You will notice some rules being the same but some were added so please be sure to read these and begin to follow them. Thanks!

-No flaming.
-No bullying.
-No spamming.
-Try not to derail threads.
-Don’t shitpost in serious threads (mod apps, ban appeals, etc.).
-Don’t revive old threads without a good reason.
-Don’t use tinyurl links. They’re known for viruses and will be removed if posted.
-Any overly large signature will be edited. Please put it in a spoiler if you have to.
-Any NSFW content should be put in a spoiler.
-No double posting! (Staff can do this within reason)
-Do not comment on any ban appeal or player report unless YOU are DIRECTLY involved with the report.
-Keep shitposting on important threads to a minimum
-No advertising of any other communities unless given permission by Nightmare or Bizzclaw
-Give valid explanations as to why you are going to -1 or +1 someones MOD app

PS These rules will be added to the rules page soon!
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New Forum Rules
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