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Should this be in the wiki???
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PostSubject: The Wolf Pack Wiki Submission   The Wolf Pack Wiki Submission Icon_minitimeTue Nov 14, 2017 11:51 pm

Your Community Name*: The Wolf Pack
Your RP Name*: WPTA Scott Warner
Your SteamID*: STEAM_0:1:103276650
Picture of your logo*: We currently do not have a logo. We are working on that.
Color of your community: Currently Unknown.
Date your community was founded*: Wednesday, October 11th, 10:35:02 2017
Members in your community*: WPTA Scott Warner (leader), WPO Caine, WPO Nigel Woods
General wealth of your community (Wealthy, average, poor): Our community is currently on the averge scale of wealth.
General influence you think you have: The general influence that I think my community has on the wastelands right now is really nothing. We currently have not done much for the wastelands but hope to do some important stuff soon!
Sum up the goal of your community*: The goal of our community is the help out our family (members) first and then help out our allies/wasteland explorers. When our community actually has enough power, we will try to help out as many people as we can, whenever we can.

General Description of your community*: The Wolf Pack is a currently a small community, trying to better its self to take on the wastelands. They try to remain neutral with all their allies but try to help out everyone whenever they can. The Wolf Pack tries really hard not to make enemies, and just wants to be a lovable and enjoyable community that anyone can join, and have a great time with!

Origin Story of your community: After exploring the wastelands for almost 7 years now, Scott Warner decided that it was time to stop being a lonesome wanderder, and start being a part of a community. Even with all he was doing by himself, it wasn't enough. He wanted to help people out in a bigger way, and he couldn't do it alone. After reaching the Mojave Gas Station, he asked around for communities and factions that would take him in, but none were offering. Several days passed, and he still didn't get any invites to join any factions, until finally a wanderer by the name of Callum Vulpes decided that Scott was a great fit for his faction, known as 'The Pack'. After being in the faction for a while, Scott started to feel welcome and loved by the other members. Shortly after, Scott decided to take a break from being around his friends, and go scavenge alone for the next couple days. After being out for what seemed an eternity, he reached the town of Shady Sands and decided to settle down for a bit, hoping to return back to the wastelands to explore some more. Stopping by the different shops in the town, he got pushed away by the leader of The Midwestern BoS. The leader had noticed how Scott was with 'The Pack' and started to threaten him, saying he should leave the faction and never return. Being confused, Scott asked why, and the leader then told him about how the members of 'The Pack' attacked a town a couple days ago and killed dozens of people for no reason. Being horrered by the news, Scott decided to leave the faction. He wasn't a very murderous man. He would never kill innocent people. For the past 7 years, he's actually tried to avoid any conflicts with other people. Back to being a lonesome wanderer, Scott decided that he would make his own community. He decided on the name 'The Wolf Pack', seeing that 'The Pack' was his first ever faction, he had a small place in his heart for it. He swore that this faction would be better then 'The Pack', and this time that he would help people and not slaughter them. The faction is still alive after several months in the wasteland, and hopes to stay alive for however long this hell of a world stays.

Other notes/thoughts about your community you want me to include on the page: This community is very small at the moment, not really having many members, but I am trying my best to keep this faction alive, and hopefully having this faction be a very well known faction, such as Pheonix Comapny, Imperium of Sparta, and The Brotherhood of Steel! Smile Also some of the things I have left vague answers for such as logo and color of the community. It's cause I haven't decided on those yet. I am in the works of getting someone to create a logo for our faction and I am choosing out the colors when I get someone to make a PAC for my faction! Those will be there in due time. Just wait a little bit!

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PostSubject: Re: The Wolf Pack Wiki Submission   The Wolf Pack Wiki Submission Icon_minitimeWed Nov 15, 2017 7:50 am

I really like your effort in this and I am definitely considering it! The one thing I do not like though is your faction origin sounds more like a player back story than anything. If you are accepted this will be used as a draft until you create a backstory as to why your faction came to be but you definitely get an A+ for effort
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The Wolf Pack Wiki Submission
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