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 [Accepted] Phoenix Company Wiki Submission

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Should this be in the wiki???
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PostSubject: [Accepted] Phoenix Company Wiki Submission   [Accepted] Phoenix Company Wiki Submission Icon_minitimeWed Nov 15, 2017 6:47 pm

Your Community Name*: Phoenix Company

Your RP Name*: General Shepherd  

Your SteamID*: STEAM_0:1:57114850  

Picture of your logo*: New logo in progress. The old one is my profile picture.

Color of your community: Black and Red  

Date your community was founded*: Wipe date: 6/4/17, Pre Wipe Date: 10/7/15  

Members in your community*: 39 total (20 active within past 2 days, 10 inactive 9 reserves)

General wealth of your community (Wealthy, average, poor): Wealthy  

General influence you think you have: Phoenix Company has somewhat of a big influence on the other factions within the wasteland with its vast amount of allies and it’s political power among them.  

Sum up the goal of your community*: One big goal for the Company to achieve is to unify the people and the factions of the wasteland as one power to fight off the threats of the conglomerate forces. Also, The company’s main goal is to look after the well being of the peoples and the factions of the wasteland while attempting to bring the use of politics back from the dead.  

General Description of your community*: Phoenix Company is a military-oriented community commonly known throughout the wasteland as being the protectors of the wasteland and in some cases the enemies of Phoenix Company brand the group as fascist Nazis. Phoenix Company is a Platoon of men highly trained for the most intense situations. They are vigorously trained through the many different programs the Company has to offer. Phoenix Company is definitely the most in-depth faction in the wasteland.
Origin Story of your community:
Long Wall of text inbound!:

Other notes/thoughts about your community you want me to include on the page: As said above, Phoenix Company is extremely in depth and is definitely the most well-made faction on the server. Phoenix Company has different things such as In-depth ranks, real MOSs, Special Forces, War Bond systems, Retirement plans, Fully worked out framework, Complete list of different jobs, and more!  If you are interested in joining the Company you must go through a very in depth training process it begins in this order: You take the Entry Exam and must score an 85 or above to enter, Step 2 is about 30 minutes to 1 hour of basic training, Step 3 is 30 minutes to 1 hour of drills for bootcamp then step 4 is the PVP endurance course. Finally, Step 5 is the basic survival course otherwise known as the (BSC). The recruitment process usually lasts about an hour. The longest it can go on is 2 hours but that is rarely seen.
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[Accepted] Phoenix Company Wiki Submission
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