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Jeff Belinger
Jeff Belinger

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PostSubject: Jeff Belinger's Character Biography   Jeff Belinger's Character Biography Icon_minitimeMon Nov 20, 2017 11:17 am

General Information

Name : Jeff Belinger
Aliases : Jeef Boyardee, Belingas
Gender : Male
Age : between 40 and 50
Date of Birth : april 12th 2187
Place of Birth : Broken Hills
Nationality/Ethnicity : American/Caucasian
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexual
Religious Beliefs : Catholic
Alignment : Lawful Neutral

Detailed Information

Appearance :
Jeff Belinger's Character Biography Latest?cb=20140316181822
Hair Color : Shaved (originally black, but now turning grey)
Beard : full goatee
Eye Color : Green
Skin Color : Tanned
Build : slim
Other Information : Small scars all over his body from fights with the wildlife and from a few firefights
Personality :
Jeff is well grounded in reality, he sees things as they are. He's argumentative, sometimes underhanded and definitely not telling everyone the truth at times. Jeff can be a handful sometimes but mostly he's just looking for a good opportunity to make money. He's not above selling weapons and ammunition to "The Bad Guys" but if there's good money to be made he'll do the deal even though people are going to die. he's smart enough to know that keeping his word is what gives him an edge over the competition.

Equipment and Attire :
Jeff is usually seen with a merchant outfit, a black desperado hat and a gold club, as for firearms, he switches regularly to fit his mood or for testing out weapons he hasn't tried out yet

Background :

Origin Story :
Jeff was born in Broken Hills, that would later join the New California Republic, his parents were caravaneers in charge of the transit of uranium to Vault City for their nuclear power-plant. Jeff travelled a lot in his youth and learned the tricks of the trade of the caravan life. When he came of age, he picked up a few belongings and left to see the rest of the wasteland. He made his way from Broken Hills to New Reno, where he's quickly learned to stay away from that shitty place. He then traveled to Shady sands, where he met a man who was known as Wandering Wilson, an odd caravaneer who's had a reputation of disappearing and reappearing every now and again. That man gave Jeff's first real job as a caravan merchant in the Rusty Sunshine Caravan and taught him how to swindle any who came to buy his wares. As much as Jeff could talk his way into emptying people's pockets, he found it led to other merchants, bartenders and other locals rather angry, so he stuck to only swindling the foolish and the naive.

Within a few months, Wilson disappeared, but Jeff, although angry from his mentor leaving him, had garnered enough knowledge and material to make his way from the Hub to Glamorous New Vegas, where he found out he wasn't the only one looking to get on the "Get Rich Quick" scheme, so he stuck to what he knew, trading, gunsmithing and cooking. He found himself a job with the Gun Runners for a while as both their cook and as a munitions manufacturer. Jeff liked the gig, but after some disagreements with the higher echelon, he decided to make his way further into the greater Mojave, where he met a man who named himself King. Now he wasn't The King from Freeside, it was just King. The men fought for a while, exchanging gunfire against seemingly an infinite supply of hand grenades. after about thirty minutes, both Jeff and King decided this whole thing was stupid and decided to talk. Jeff managed to convince him he could help him rebuild his gang as it had been destroyed by NCR troopers who were taking more territory every year.

Jeff worked with King as a acquisitions expert and diplomat to supply King's growing ranks with every need they had. This was good for a while until King, Jeff and his crew went to war with another gang led by a vicious man called Validtarget. The war was long, harsh and as much as it seemed like King's Crew was going to win, Validtarget's gang brought out anti-material rifles, heavy machine guns and simply rolled over King's Crew. Jeff lost most of his belongings but caught a caravan going back to Junktown, and settled there for a few years.

After a few years, Jeff decided to move and tagged along with a caravan called The Western Wares that was migrating towards the east coast, towards the Capital Wasteland. It took them a couple of months, but they arrived. It didn't take too long for Jeff to make his way towards Rivet City but was denied access. with the few things, Jeff encountered a group of Brotherhood of Steel members, who at first was just dismissing him as a common local, but after managing to make them listen to his adventures in the west and a display of his skills, They brought him to their compound where after being taught the ways of the brotherhood, he was sworn in as a scribe, to go out and trade with the local common folks in order to bring materials, hardware and technology acquired from the wastelanders.

After a few years with the Brotherhood of Steel, something happened and the leaders of the Brotherhood disappeared, leaving nothing in the stockpile and item locker. A new leader rose, the newly appointed Lancer Admiral Ashleigh rose as the new Elder of the Brotherhood of Steel. Jeff, Being the wise man he is, saw weakness in this new brotherhood and decided it was time for him to part ways with the Brotherhood and left of his own accord. Jeff, after not too long, found a man running a new Caravan, Jeff was interested in returning to his old life as a caravaneer and joined the new enterprise with Jack Stone. Now Jeff lives yet again a life of trade and prosperity.

Skills and Attributes :
Jeff is just about a jack-of-all-trades in roughly everything, he doesn't have a specific speciality
Relationships :

Love - Adore - Respected - Good Friend - Friend - Acquaintance - Neutral - Dislike - Hate - Enemy

Jack Stone:

General Shepherd:

Major General Richards:

Joseph Lewis:



Other Information :[/quote]
the background used in this post is the same plus continuation from the thread "What's your Story, Wanderer". everything in my background is stuff that happened in-game and not made up.

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having good rp doesnt make one fit for staff duties, especially if said people are always playing with the same small group of people and no one else. staying in an echo chamber only makes your own words reflected back to you and whoever else is in the chamber. people applying for staff need to not only know the staff, but also how the playerbase can react to interactions between itself, the general staff base and the applicant
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V.J. Dax

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Jeff Belinger wrote:
Aliases : Jeef Boyardee, Belingas

Boyardee boii king
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PostSubject: Re: Jeff Belinger's Character Biography   Jeff Belinger's Character Biography Icon_minitimeTue Nov 28, 2017 3:38 pm

Would you like to add Mikko?

I'm probably the nicest asshole you'll ever meet
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Jeff Belinger's Character Biography
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