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PostSubject: Vera Mikko's File   Vera Mikko's File Icon_minitimeMon Nov 27, 2017 9:56 am

WIP, Do not post unless you want to be under relationships tab or if you feel i missed something

General Information

Name : Vera Pandora Mikko
Aliases : Doc, Bishop, Grey
Gender :  Female
Age : Unknown(Blood Sample Suggests 19-20)
Date of Birth : Unknown
Place of Birth : Michigan, Upper Peninsula
Nationality/Ethnicity : Brazilian, Ukrainian
Sexual Orientation : Pansexual
Religious Beliefs :   Scientology/Mixed
Alignment : For Life / Chaotic Good
If you oppose sentient, innocent lives then you oppose her.
She'll do everything in her power to make you pay for your crimes, slowly but surely rendering you at a disadvantage.
Subtly stealing ammunition, walking up to scavenge with you so you obtain less, Sapping your vehicles, 'Accidentally' Getting in the way during a raid. And then? she'll show you kindness and pick you back up when you're choking on your own blood. She can't bring herself to kill like that, even if you deserve it and the wasteland would be a better place... She hopes to show people that the wasteland needs them to fight the Conglomerate, not each-other.

Her moral code is unique, unbiased, and a tad naive. She will bring peace by force, and from the shadows.

Detailed Information

Appearance :

Hair Color : Natural Rose Blonde, Dyed Cherry Red
Eye Color :   Green
Right Eye Melted by Plasma, Dead. Green Left
Left eye lost in attempted assassination, No Eyes, Blind.
DNA Engineering Allowed for replication of mother's 20/7 vision, as well as replacement eyes. by request her right eye was made Grey, like her mother's
Skin Color : Pale
Build : Endo-MesoMorph
Other Information :
Standing at 1.79 meters, weighing in at 67.3 Kilograms.
Generally petite but muscular for her size, pale in comparison to local westerners.
A pretty face, but now scarred. Foreign facial structure compared to Americans.
She seems awkward, avoiding eye contact at times, but being the dominate hand shaker the next second.
It's evident she had been a different person before, Many battles must have taken a toll on her mind, She displays all signs of PTSD.
Certified Medical Doctor,  Doctorate in Medical Science, and Honorary Doctorate in Science.

Personality :
Sweet, Shy, Generous. Shows kindness to everyone, and respect to those she doesn't like.
Suffering dissociative identity disorder, Severe distaste in hitmen, mercenaries, raiders in all personalities.
She loves life and Quickly turns on those that oppose the innocent, endanger innocent lives in proximity and her soldier kicks in. Selfless to point of recklessness.

"I'm not going to make you pay for your life.. you've already paid enough by hanging on" -Doctor Mikko After [REDACTED]'s surgery

Equipment and Attire :

Although she uses all weapons in her disposal, she still has her favourites.

Non-Lethal Pulse Rifle, Short-Medium Range. A modified pulse rifle set to fire tasers.

.454 CASULL Magnum, Named 'Misericordia' (Vera has special tranquilizer rounds for this weapon to capture drugged up raiders) (Gifted to Aiden Miller)

Unregistered 4-Port neuro cybernetic implant. (A Cord is connected to this implant and hides in Vera's Ponytail, she can connect to any device with this intruding adapter)

Visor assisted, self taught echo-location.

Clothes: Favours and frequents a grey, fire retardant jumpsuit.

Light Armour: Type IIIA Dense Pads, Nano-weaved Kevlar Fabric, Red Cross Medical Patch, Old Conglomerate Helmet fitted with Echo-Location Visor.

Medium-Light Armour : Type IV and III Ceramic Plates, Redesigned Prewar Riot Outfitting, Brown Duster with Nano-weaved Liner, Old Conglomerate Helmet fitted with Echo-Location Visor.

Medium Armour: Winterized Legacy T-45 Powered Armor, BoS Brand on Breast plate, Red Cross on Shoulders and Chest Indicating Medical Personnel. Blue tinted tactical visor for assisted threat evaluation.

Heavy Armour: 'Bruce', A Heavily Modded Winterized T-51D Powered Armor. Red Crosses to Indicate Medical Personnel, Tempered Hard Plates. Improved Visor 'Violet Vision' Improved threat evaluation, internal Speaking A.I based off of Former Mentor Knight Sergeant 'Bruce'. Considered a Robot.

Plot Armour: 'Bishop', A Perfected Battle Utility Suit or 'B.U.S', a prewar prototype originating from Area 51 and based off of alien technology. Can manipulate matter to pure energy to recharge it's many functions; Medic Beam, Poise, Electromagnetic Burst, Bio-metric Scans. Hosts Three A.I known as 'Bishop', 'Firefly' and 'Interface'. Boasts an unprecedented resilience to energy weapons,  ballistics and Guard Cannons if fully charged. The three A.I have a close relationship and ensure that the suit itself is never in danger of being destroyed, Bishop will engage to pacify hostiles if the user is rendered unconscious.

Background :

Origin Story :
Despite the sob-story nearly all wastelanders have nowadays, she lived a rather good life after Twelve years of child slavery.
Those memories were repressed when she were saved by a mercenary by the name of Devon Viola, she followed him like a lost puppy to Underworld, a city of ghouls in the middle of the wargrounds of D.C. she remained there and was educated in medicinal crafts and sciences. There she met the ghoulified Professor Gallant and Doctor Winston Clerval whom took her in and taught her everything they knew. she of course ate this information up, as a growing mind and a natural distaste for ignorance she grew cunning, intelligent and infinitely more brilliant than her teachers. She out performed them in surgeries, made do with literal scrap in medical emergencies and performed a heart transplant to save her beloved professor... with much discussion the two decided to officially certify Vera with a medical degree. She had been 15 at this time, and it came to the point where the two not only could not keep up with Vera, but had nothing left to teach.

Eventually the little one was welcomed as a citizen as underworld, she worked at the local diner and failed as a cook.. she had been a far better hostess and waitress, well known for her cute speech impediments, flawless service and smiling face. the diner was a favourite in the wasteland with her help, although she may have not been the idol of the joint, she set an example for food service. She worked there for another year before meeting one of her greatest friends, coincidentally named Pandora. With a simple common ground they got along great, but Pandora had been a mischievous little girl... Picking pockets, lock-picking safes, eavesdropping and black mail was how she made her living. Vera was scared she hadn't known how to take this but she didn't know it were wrong either, with something new to learn she began to copycat Pandora, honing her sneaking and less than moral skills.

Skills and Attributes :
"Easily one of the last great minds on this hell we call earth" - Doctor Aesir
To put it bluntly, she has never been good at fighting, it's not that her tactics or combat prowess lacked, and it's not that she is easily outsmarted. She's been trained by the best the wasteland has to offer, sure she retained much of the skills and is a crack-shot(Who isn't in the west?). She simply despises fighting, wars... all needless conflict in her eyes. Instead, her excellence lies within the Sciences, Research and Development, Psychology, Nursing... if it's a science, or if it's a medical practice, she has a a dexterous golden hand in it.

Relationships :

Request to be added

Love - Adore - Respected - Good Friend - Friend - Acquaintance - Neutral - Dislike - Hate - Enemy

Captain Winters:




Captain Bruce:


Aidrian Miller:




Other Information :[/quote]

(Thank for the format)

I'm probably the nicest asshole you'll ever meet

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PostSubject: Re: Vera Mikko's File   Vera Mikko's File Icon_minitimeMon Nov 27, 2017 10:20 am

I would like credit for the format Smile)) <3 thank
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PostSubject: Re: Vera Mikko's File   Vera Mikko's File Icon_minitimeMon Nov 27, 2017 6:42 pm

If possible, I would like to be in the Relations category. alien

EDIT: Name is Grub Bait

Monk Robes are Best:

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PostSubject: Re: Vera Mikko's File   Vera Mikko's File Icon_minitimeMon Nov 27, 2017 10:25 pm

I'd like to be put into relationships

EDIT : In-game name is Scott Warner

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PostSubject: Re: Vera Mikko's File   Vera Mikko's File Icon_minitimeTue Nov 28, 2017 10:10 am

Bumping for Near Completion, Please Post your character name(s), and possibly a screenshot of your self to be added into Relationships tab.

Going to need some time for the Origin story, but i'll probably end up leaving it blank for the sake of Character development (Not mine, YOURS. LEARN ABOUT HER IC)

I'm probably the nicest asshole you'll ever meet
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PostSubject: Re: Vera Mikko's File   Vera Mikko's File Icon_minitime

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Vera Mikko's File
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