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General Information

Name: Aiden Miller
Aliases: Adrian, 4S, Milly, Windmiller
Gender: Male
Age: Early - Mid Twenties
Place of Birth: The Good Ol' Mojave
Nationality/Ethnicity: American
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Religious Beliefs: Agnostic
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Detailed Information


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Complexion: Pale
Build: Ectomorph & slim
Other Information:
Adrian stands at a medium height of 5'10 with an overall low weight and BMI. Constantly exercising and nearly never eating aside from when completely necessary has led to such, creating an unhealthy lifestyle. On some parts of his body he has skin grafts that match his normal skin perfectly and covered some of the many scars on his torso from his constant days at war within previous factions.
Due to his combat history Adrian is always at a high morale, confident in his own capabilities due to his previous position in Phoenix Company's Red Beret, Liebert Supply Company's Security Team and Wion Company's High Command.

Adrian is seemingly completely void of emotions at most times with his tone remaining monotonous and seeming either unamused or tired. Rarely does he show his enthusiastic, optimistic and valiant self aside from in combat which is what he believes matters most.

Equipment & Attire:
Adrian typically keeps one rifle on him accompanied by his engraved revolver at all times while either wearing his Exoskeleton Suit or one of the many sets of Urban Combat Armor at his disposal. In the trunk of his car though is an arsenal of weaponry for nearly any situation, though he rarely is willing enough to go through it out of laziness.

.454 CASULL Magnum named 'Misericordia', an early Christmas present from Vera Mikko.

Origin Story:
Unlike most, Aiden Miller's story is tame and only particularly got interesting when he met his first partner, a man by the name of John Walker. It was through this ally that he shifted from being the standard Wastelander scum straight out of Freeside and shaped up to be a man - coincidentally all at the age of eighteen. He was a small-fry but had many aspirations and though he was held back from advancing for a while was eventually let into the ranks of Liebert Supply Company through a recommendation from John Walker. In the long run it was a good decision and allowed Aiden to learn more about the Wasteland and survival but it didn't come without cost as from the many conflicts Liebert Supply Company had with Raider factions and the likes he found himself losing an arm, an eye and nearly his life when he was placed into a coma.

In an ironic twist Wion Supply Company, a faction with a similar structure and ideals which also happened to be mentored by Johann Liebert was what restored him back to his full health. Prosthetic limbs similar to what Generation 3 Synths use for theirs was what allows him to be at his peak performance alongside a simple and fake glass eyeball. He hadn't been told of this though and with Wion Supply Company's ties with androids simply assumed he was a Synth for a time - only coming to realize through time and theories that he must be human.

A new chance to enter the Wasteland, Aiden Miller adopted his former nickname of Adrian from Liebert Supply Company and enlisted in Phoenix Company, and despite that not lasting he'd proudly say of the days he was within it's Red Beret.
Skills and Attributes:
Adrian Miller Latest?cb=20110814030532
Shooting, exploding and stabbing.
Adrian may not kill the innocent but Raiders and Sky Raiders are far from it. Recklessly Adrian throws himself into the heat of battle sometimes seeming as if he thinks he's invincible purely because he has power armor or a big gun. Sometimes it ends badly, other times it doesn't.

Love - Adore - Respected - Good Friend - Friend - Acquaintance - Neutral - Dislike - Hate - Enemy
Vera Mikko:

Joseph Lewis:

Jack Stone:

General Shepherd:

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