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John Howitser
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John Howitser

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PostSubject: Intel File J.Howitser   Intel File J.Howitser Icon_minitimeFri Dec 08, 2017 1:30 am

Howitser ,John
General Information

Real Name: John H.Mcdavis
Aliases :John  Howitser
Gender : Male
Age : 27
Date of Birth : June 6 2255
Place of Birth : Marsh Lands of Louisiana
Nationality/Ethnicity : Irish American/Caucasian
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexual
Religious Beliefs : Christianity
Physiological Alignment : Chaotic Neutral
chaotic neutral character follows his whims. He is an individualist first and last. He values his own liberty but doesn't strive to protect others' freedom. He avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions.

Appearance :

Hair Color : Short cut black hair  
Beard : Black tight shaven beard
Eye Color : Mix of brown/green
Skin Color : Basic White
Build : Light Weight Athletic
Other Information : Howitser has been observed in medical Examinations to have various types of scarring ranging from Bullet wounds from high caliber rounds to large burn marks possibly from a type of energy weapon. He also has three markings on his body,back,and upper right arm. The mark located on the back is a detailed phoenix with letters over it reading “Rise from the Ashes”. The mark on the back is what appears be a large Castle Gate surrounded by a stone wall with a large scar above it crossing out a set of letters reading out “They Shall Die at the Gates”. The third mark is covered by a severe wound but what can seen looks like a common decal for a military unit of some kind.
Personality :
Psychiatric Profile: From what has been attained from his psyic evaluations and field reports about  his activity. On-Duty Howitser when it comes to random civilians or unknown subjects in short and basic conversations he is straight and non-hostile but beyond that he become cold and restrictive. Often becoming semi aggressive to people involved in the conversation and anyone in the area inorder to end the conversation as soon as possible. Off-Duty He will become quite only speaking when required while avoiding all other personnel that are not in the upper ranks of the company. He often prefers to solve problems with logic rather than emotion but this does not skew his moral compass it seems that he has a set of morals that more often than not try to refrain from violence unless necessary.
 Notable Actions/Traits:                                                                                                                                                      Based on his actions in Project Genesis Howitser has a complete disregard for human life when it comes to accomplishing goals pertaining to the defeat of the Conglomerate threat. From what was seen in the use of Project Longshot he has a bigger preference for larger weapon  of war rather than basic small arms.                                                                    
Standard Weaponry&Equipment :
{Weaponry} As far as observed Howitser has been seen often using the companies standard issue  M14 Rifle and M1911 Sidearm with an addition of M1A1 Rocket Launcher on occasion.
{Equipment}.The most common form of equipment he can be seen in is a worn set of urban combat with WW2 era infantry helmet. He can always be seen some form a medical equipment and a pre-war pair of aviators..

Background :

Origins : From what has been gathered from interviews with Maj. Monroe and Howitser himself it can be loosely determined that he was born in a small settlement somewhere near  the back swamps of Louisiana. Information prior to his enlistment to Mississippi Guard at age 16 is all but non-existent besides the fact that his parents are deceased {most likely killed by the Conglomerate that invaded the region at that time}. Past that records show that after enlisting he was assigned to the 321st Field Artillery Regiment stationed in New Orleans as the  primary combat medic for the Unit operating out of the French Quarter. No noteworthy event occurs from this point onward besides the occasional Conglomerate scouting party until 2 years later.. In which a full scale invasions occurs catching the station garrisons off guard resulting in the initial frontline positions being decimated from off-shore shells and all communication breaking down. In order to allow time for some units/resources to be saved the officials in command at the time ordered from what reports say “expendable units” including 321st artillery regiment and 1st Infantry to establish a fortified position and stay behind with untrue promises of reinforcements. Unexpectedly the outnumbered contingent of men held out for 2 weeks before the lines were broken and the defensive force was surrounded in the French quarter resulting in both units being wiped out with 2 survivors that being the aforementioned Monroe and Maj.Howitser. Like before information from this point till his recruitment into Phoenix Company is limited to the fact that he wandered from place to place doing odd jobs and collecting information and technology as seen from his documentation found when searching his quarters and lab {refer to the file on Project Genesis,Longshot, and Stonewall for more information}

Skills and Attributes :                                                                                                                                                    
Howitser makes up for his mediocre combat skills and shit charisma by being highly experienced in the medical field and a general knowledge in most fields of science. He also from past experiences has a vast knowledge on demolition and other explosive ordinance

Love - Adore - Respected - Good Friend - Friend - Acquaintance - Neutral - Dislike - Hate - Enemy

- Respected -: General Shepherd: when asked about Jack,  Howitser smile and  stated that “He was one of the few people he could truly call a friend anymore even though they disagree heavily on certain things it would be very unlikely to ruin their friendship.” Also commenting saying “It’s kind of weird I met the dude in a shithole bar in the middle of the Fucking desert”
- Good Friend -: LTGen. Richards: When asked about Richards Howitser stated “Although when they first met it was kind of rough but, it has improved and now he thinks they are good friends. Also did you know his first name is Joey.
- Good Friend -: 2ndLT M.Westen When asked about Westen Howitser stated “The guys the coolest ghoul I’ve ever meet even though I shot him once for stealing my car as a joke. I like tp think were good friends although Westen has one hell of a confusing past.
- Respected -: Spencer Taylor When asked about Taylor Howitser smiled and stated,” Which ever fucking one clone or original their both the biggest little Jew shits I know but He’s one of best friends a guy could want in this gook infested shithole.

Notice: All information pertaining to the document maybe subject to change as more information is gathered on the subject

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PostSubject: Re: Intel File J.Howitser   Intel File J.Howitser Icon_minitimeFri Dec 08, 2017 10:34 am

Lookin good! I'd like to be added in relationships if possible!

IGN : Scott Warner
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Intel File J.Howitser
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